Sunday, August 16, 2009


Wow! my last post was in JUNE??? Seriously?!??!?!

It's been a good summer. Weather-wise, I'm loving this 'mild' MI summer we've had. The humidity of this past week is bringing me down a little bit. But I won't complain about the gorgeous (and mild) weather we've had so far.

I continue to enjoy my work with Sunset Home Services. In June I added another 'aide' position within Sunset Manor, working 6AM-10AM four days a week 'on the floor'. Home Care is my favorite of the two positions and I've kept all my home care clients. So on T, Th, F and Sat I finish my shift at the Manor and hop in my car to go see my home care clients. I've obviously had to adjust my sleep schedule.

We were blessed to be able to go on a vacation to NJ in July. So many good friends and great memories in 'the Wildwoods'! We spent time on the beach and at the boardwalk. We took a day trip to WA D.C. And we drove through Lower Manhatten on the way home just so the boys could 'see' New York City a little. Great memories from the road trip. Great family time.

We arrived home on a Monday evening from NJ and four days later my three guys left with other teens from our church on a chartered bus for North Carolina where they attended Youth Unlimited - the national CRC Youth Convention. They had a great time... came back changed, each one had their own unique experience.

Following convention we were all together at home for a week. Then Chris and I had another week of vacation time. We had a 'staycation' - turned off the phones, went to movies, out to eat, celebrated our 25th Anniversary, spent two days in Chicago... was nice and relaxing.

As much as I enjoy my work, I've decided to cut one of my mornings at the Manor. As of Sept. my new schedule will be T,Th,Sat mornings. School is starting and I will be able to get the boys off to school on M,W,F. Chris will be there on T & Th when I'm not.

Wow. I guess that's where the summer has gone! working... I'm ready for Fall... School, new Bible Studies at church, Driver's training for Jonothon, drum lessons...


Kate said...

You forgot to mention Ally.

Russell said...

Well that gives me a quick update on you.
Now my turn. I have to run to the library - then I'll give you a call while I fold laundry!