Friday, October 17, 2008

The view from my room...

I'm sitting at the computer, looking out the window at two acres of fields adjacent to our house... to the south, I think. For some strange reason, I'm having trouble getting my bearings on which way I'm facing at any given time. I'm usually so good with 'directions' - able to follow my nose to get anywhere I need to. A couple of mornings ago I woke up incredulous at how the sun could already be in the west so early in the day! DUH! I've got to get my bearings!

The Lord has graciously provided a farmhouse on five acres of land with 5 bedrooms and three bathrooms (with heated floors, I just noticed the other day! My toes love it!) Hardwood floors in all but two of the bedrooms (and the kitchen is linoleum).

Chris is getting acclimated to his new ministry position at 1st Jenison CRC. He is enjoy working alongside Terry Scholten - describing him as the perfect blend of Russ Carlson and Ron Story (for those of you who may know them): two pastors for whom he has high respect. He is working in three areas (listed by percentage of time): Worship, Outreach and Youth Advising. Many hats, but the pastor is supportive and gives great counsel and ideas - helping Chris to strategize and prioritize.

As Chris settles in at the church, the boys and I have been settling into our house, day, by day, little by little, box by box. I am so thankful for their strength and help in moving things around, lifting boxes, etc! They are great! (We'll be back to school work this coming week.) In case you're wondering... Lucy, the beagle is getting used to her new home, too. She's a little freaked out about all the wood floors and has developed a tentative style of stepping gingerly across the hard wood floors. She'll jump from braided rug to braided rug around the house.

Today I will need to call the propane company, Consumer's energy, go the hardware store to get some items to protect the floors from furniture... that kind of 'stuff'.
We've got trash pickup set, our phones and internet are functioning. I need to find the cell phone chargers... Anyway! God is so good and His ways are perfect.

Who is like our God? There is none like our God! His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. His glory is displayed in the heavens (and here on earth in the gorgeous autumn colors!). Come and exalt the Lord with me!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Need to move by October 15th...

God can do anything! We've been blessed to be living in the parsonage of our former church in Holland. They have been gracious and caring to allow us to live in this beautiful home.

Three weeks ago, Chris was offered the job in Jenison and officially started on Oct. 1. We began looking for homes as soon as he was offered the job and we knew what town to look in. Because his job in Jenison is temporary, we asked people at the church about the possibility of staying in the parsonage a little longer until we know for sure if the job will be permanent. While many Maranatha church friends acknowledge that the house "is not being used for anything", it is apparently a serious tax issue if they have someone living in it any longer.

We've been looking in Jenison and 'networking' with folks in the area to find something... Nothing as of today.

But there's always tomorrow! I'm going to start boxing things up and get ready for the next 'home' God takes us to. Please pray with us.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." His "grace is sufficient" for my need. I will "call unto" Him and He "will show me great and mighty things which I do not know." (Like where to find a home!) My "ear will hear a voice in it saying, "This is the way, walk in it."

God has been providing consistent part time work opportunities for me through the Sentinel (yes, I quit, but I've been 'subbing' routes for twice the pay) and Providence at Home (new name)- as a care giver.

Chris wrote a song, "Lord, I seek Your face" and the words are great....

Lord, I seek Your face and my heart desires to follow after You
Lord, I need Your grace to forgive my sins and turn my heart to You
And, Oh, when my life begins to crowd
You know that my vision starts to cloud
Even so, I can stand and shout aloud,
"I will depend on You."

Lord, I seek Your face and my heart desires to follow after You
Lord, I need Your grace to forget my past and turn my life to You
And, Oh, when my life begins to crowd
You know that my vision starts to cloud
Even so, I can stand and shout aloud,
"I will depend on You."

I am seeking His face and depending on Him.

Friday, October 3, 2008

autumn things....

Picking peaches with the family at Vince Brown farms.
Canning peaches.
Picking apples with the family at Vince Brown farms.
Making carmel apples.
Autumn decorations.
Soups in the crockpot and homemade bread.
Pressing leaves and making collages of them in picture frames.
Hiking with the family (and Lucy) at Hemlock Crossing park.
"PayDay" mix - peanuts and candy corn.
Rainy, then sunny, then cloudy, then sunny, then rainy.....
Making homemade cocoa mix.
A fire in the fireplace.

These are a few the Monteiro's favorite fall things!

Happy Fall!