Wednesday, June 3, 2009

As I write this Timithi is at Cedar Point, in Ohio, with his 8th grade class! They left from school at 5:00 this morning and will return at 11PM. I'm sure they're having a great time! He LOVES coasters so this park should thrill him. Tomorrow night is 8th grade graduation. Not a celebration I grew up with... Kindergarten graduation... 8th grade graduation... I even heard someone say they had a 5th grade graduation upon entering 'middle school'. Goodness! The High School 'open house' is also something I didn't grow up with. We had family over on Sunday for cake... I got a typewriter... there you go! After having participated in several open houses, here in MI, I am convinced that they are a wonderful way to celebrate the completion of grade school and the opening of of new chapter in life. (For 8th grade graduation, it'll probably cake on Sunday!)

Jonothon completed his last final today and was home by 10:30... buzzing from the 'Amp' that he drank at school. Those things are wicked! Nice buzz that they give you, yes. But when they wear off... you drop like a rock. (Yes, the mother did buy it for him, so it's my fault.) Right now he's in the living room laughing his head off at Mark Lowry dvd's!

I had xrays done last week and I do indeed have a heel spur. OUCH! Dr. told me to ice it and use ibuprofen for a couple weeks, then come in to see him if that doesn't help. I've been dealing with the pain for more than two months, so I have my doubts that it will help, but I'm trying it. I guess I should try to stay off it, also, but that's hard. I can't stay off it at work. And yesterday I mowed the front half of the property and my foot was 'screaming' at me all night and this morning. Now that the boys are out of school the lawn mowing will be ALL THEIRS for the summer.

I'm needing a new Bible Study... not sure which direction to go... personal? or with a group? I get so much out of hearing about other people's experiences with Christ... I'd like to do a group study. Could just do both.

I'll be starting a new job as a Resident Aide at Sunset Manor.... soon. I will still work for Sunset Home Services as a Home Health Aide, but where the Home Services hours come and go.... the Resident Aide position will be regular shift hours. I'm so thankful for the work and that I enjoy it, too! I realize what a blessing God has given me in providing this job in a field that I enjoy so much.

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BT Laurie said...

What lovely photos and updates on your life. You've had a writing spurt! Good for you. I hadn't checked this lately and was happy to have something to read.
Sorry about your heel --- foot pain is miserable.