Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Laundry on the line...Thunderstorms... Laundry on the line a little longer...

I love my clothesline! I love the fresh smell of wind-blown laundry. And I love NOT spending money to run our ancient, wheezing, dying dryer.

But last night I was apparently oblivious to the approaching weather patterns as I happily hung out TWO loads of laundry on the line. At 11pm when the rain and thunder started... well.... by then it was too late. So, now the laundry will stay out a little longer. The fact that clothes were on the line only slightly subtracted from the joy of the thunder and lightening! And today my car was looking cleaned off (until I drove down our dirt road)... so hey! It's all good!

Memorial Day was a great day. We started the day in Jamestown, watching Jonothon march with the Unity Christian HS Drum Line (he was the sole cymbal player). Then we came home and grilled and enjoyed the company of good friends and a couple of new friends (our neighbors to the West). Hamburgers, homemade cherry pie AND brownies, lots of laughter, sitting in the sun, moving inside to play cards - Mary and Lori beat Mike and Chris at Euchre!

In the evening, after our friends had gone home, we made corn salsa and headed to Holland to see the Rosema's and the Peerbolt's! Roasted hot dogs around the huge fire (built in an old washer tub!) and shared lots of laughter again! Got back home around 11pm. It was a great day.

The boys are counting down school days left. Jono has HS finals next Mon, Tues, Wed. then he's done! Timi's 8th grade graduation is next Thursday night, the 4th. On Wed. the 3rd he's going with the eighth grade class to Cedar Point Amusement Park - Roller Coaster "King Of the Hill"! He should have a great a time!

Trying to plan summer.... perhaps a chance to get away? New Jersey sounds great! So does a camping trip down near Mammoth Cave in Kentucky - never been there. Summer may also include braces for Jono (shhhh! He doesn't know that yet!) and probably Driver's Training. The boys and Chris are going to Youth Alive (CRC) Convention in North Carolina at the end of July.

I'll be back again soon! Bye!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

It's here... and that means summer will soon be upon us! The weather has been beautiful... some 70's, some 80's... little rain. I LOVE spring in Michigan. The freshness, the sunshine, the laundry on the line, the lilacs in bloom, fresh cut grass. And we've enjoyed the hammock a few times already. It's a blessing to be able to relax in it, reading or just napping.

And Lucy loves to lay out side for hours at a time. Occasionally she will tangle herself up around the clothesline posts and someone needs to run outside and 'guide' her back in and out and round and round until she is free once again!

The boys are finishing up their (half) school years and we are looking ahead to having both of them at Unity Christian High School in the Fall. Jonothon has enjoyed being in Freshman band and is considering Pep Band for the Fall. Timithi is excited about the Computer classes and opportunities and he has registered to be in Freshman band... trombone.... next year. (We'll be making a trip to Meyer Music very soon, so he can practice this summer!)

It was an adjustment in returning to 'institutionalized' schooling. So different from Homeschooling - both being very valuable and equally positive in their own ways.
I've struggled in not taking offense to the slight condescention I've encountered at the High School - as if homeschooling's not "real" schooling. They've no idea, really, if all they've ever experienced is school-in-a-box. (No condescention in that comment, right!?) I've seen and experienced public school, private school and home school. All have positives and negatives. I'm thankful my boys have had the experiences of Christian schools and home schooling. This blessing of Christian High School is wonderful for this season of our lives. And I am grateful for the people and education they've been exposed to.

Memorial Day weekend.... Jono's marching in a small parade in Jamestown, MI (Hudsonville) and then friends are coming over to grill and hang out. We'll set up the badminton net and the 'hillbilly horseshoes'. Just a relaxing day spent together!