Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One month since I last blogged! I think when life gets going too fast and my schedule is busy, I don't take enough time to reflect on life. I hope to bring back some reflection time. May have to schedule it in.

I have been spending lots of time on Facebook... such fun to be able to keep up with so many different people. It's rather addicting. Sign-on, check emails, go to Facebook.

I'm starting the second semester with eighth and ninth grades at home. Contemplating a drama production - Les Mis and also fencing lessons for Jono. Timithi is immersing himself in his computers: game design, web design, re-structuring computers for other people. He's amazing.

I'm teaching Lucy to 'roll over'... she's almost got it!

The name of God I studied yesterday was El Roi - The God Who Sees.

"Lord, I praise you for you know the whole story. From beginning to end, you see it all. Give me the humility to admit my limitations. For I don't always see the past accurately, my vision of the present is often blurred, and I am blind when it comes to the future. Help me fasten my eyes on you, trusting in your vision for my life and in your watchful care."