Thursday, December 20, 2007

Baking, baking, baking! Yesterday was baking day as I prepared cookies trays to give to the Church staff. And as I was baking I enjoyed some great memories - holiday traditions are magical things! Having missed them last year while I went through cancer surgery, they all seem to sparkle a little brighter this year.

I was actually getting a little weary, placing the shortbread cut-outs on the cooling rack when my thirteen-year-old walked into the kitchen and exclaimed, "Oh! Those cookies! I get to help, don't I?" I have pictures, from previous years, of the boys with frosting up to their elbows, decorating the 'holly-shaped' cookies - light green frosting, green sugar sprinkled on top and two red hots for the 'berries'. My spirits lifted with his excitement and we all had fun sitting at the kitchen table, frosting and sprinkling and decorating.

As I baked the other cookies, I realized that some of my favorite Christmas cookies are recipes from dear friends. There are "Auntie Marys" from Jen - a cookie that her Aunt Mary passed on, Molasses cookies from Karen - my family's 'anytime' favorite cookie, and Raspberry Thumbprints from Linn - we used to baked our cookies together in her big kitchen. It was like visiting with my friends while I baked and remember the fun times we used to share.

Last night, I called a dear friend in CA to make sure I still had her correct address and we talked over an hour. I felt like I received an early Christmas gift! Today, I continued the task of updating my addresses and spoke with two other old friends - such a fun time!

Timithi has been dying to have lights up on the outside of the house. But our new (temp.) house has such high gables, we couldn't quite figure out how to get them to outline the roof. So I sent him outside yesterday with the box of lights, extension cords, and creative license! We've now got white lights, multi-colored lights and even some icicle lights on two sides of the house! It's very creative and he had a great time stringing the up.

I'm thanking God for each special memory we get to make during the holidays. And I'm thanking Him for the precious gift of Christ, given to us in flesh - because He knew we would need more than cookies and lights and presents. We needed The Word. We needed The Light of the world. We needed the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We needing saving. Thanks be to God!

Monday, December 17, 2007

What a great weekend! Friday we attended The Promise, presented by Turning Pointe Dance Academy. A friend of ours was dancing in it... delightful! Saturday we took in the Christmas Town presentation at Forest Park Covenant church... great to see old friends. I was especially surprised to see the Coots family , all together and home from Africa for Christmas!

Ten inches of fresh snow on Saturday night! It's so beautiful! I absolutely love West Michigan winters! The driving can a bit dicey, but I don't mind driving slower in exchange for the 'frosted' landscape!

Well, it's schooling today and more cookies to bake! Counting down to Christmas!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Welcome to our blog! We are a family in transition, living in temporary housing, awaiting the end of Chris's job (at the end of December), sending out resumes and trusting God to show us the next step.

This year, Christmas will be different from 2006!

With a diagnosis of uterine cancer in early December, I was in surgery by December 12th and spent last Christmas season recuperating. My wonderful husband, sons and father-in-law all surrounded me with comfort and help. Friends pitched in and helped with shopping, wrapping and brought so many meals! Our family was so blessed by all the LOVE poured out on us.

I had my one-year check up with my oncologist this week. The ct scan and tests were all clear! With a big smile, the Dr. shook my hand and said, "Everything looks great!"

What do you do when you get that kind of good news? I felt the God of the universe cup my face in His almighty hands and with my face lifted toward heaven He said to me, "You are my daughter and I love you. Trust me with your life."

"I will, Abba. I will"

So, the celebrating has begun! We returned to our favorite tree farm and cut our own tree this year - haven't done that for about three years. Packed up the dog, brought the hot chocolate - and Jonothon actually cut the tree this year! The passing of the saw! Shopping is done and most of the presents are wrapped (and hidden). I've made molasses cookies, eggnog cookies, and some mint fudge. We've watched The Santa Clause, The Santa Clause 3, Rudolf - and I carved out some time for Sense and Sensibilty by myself. I even had some of those photo Christmas cards made at WalMart! Can't remember when I last sent out Christmas cards.

So "Merry Christmas!" Enjoy the season!