Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The school books are here!

Yesterday afternoon I came home to find a large box from A Beka books on my front porch. Funny how the the boys didn't answer the doorbell or bring in the box while I was gone... Hmmmm.. wonder why? Probably because it was filled with textbooks: science, health, world geography, literature. (We already have math and grammar. The vocabulary, spanish and computer science courses are coming from a different company.)

Do you remember the thrill of smelling a brand new box of crayola crayons?! Or how about going to the sharpener with all those new blunt-end pencils?! Whoo-hoo! That's excitement! I am really looking forward to this school year. I feel more ready this year than before, but I can't explain why. Must be the LORD!

I started work this week as an Aide at Royal Atrium assisted living home. My next door neighbor and good friend, helped me get an interview last week. The job is 'contingent' hours - which means you're on call or filling-in for the regular employees. But they say they'll try to give me as many hours as they can.

I also applied at our local library for a position at the check-out desk. Would LOVE to work there!

Today I also had an interview at Holland Rescue Mission for a receptionist/gifts processor position. It went well and they will call me in a few days, if I am moving forward in the interview process.

So... there's hope on the horizon. I could possibly be very busy working this fall. And yet I'm very comfortable planning our home school year and getting ready for that. I'm trusting that God knows my scheduling needs better than I do. He certainly knows our financial and basic needs and I trust Him to give me wisdom to put "LIFE" together so that it all honors Him and works together for good for all of us.

My latest favorite song is by Chris Sligh(sp?) (I just read his cd cover in the bookstore yesterday. Apparently he was an American Idol finalist...)

Empty Me...
(chorus.. from my memory)
Empty me of the selfishness inside,
every vain ambition,
and the poison of my pride.
And any foolish thing my heart holds to.
Lord, empty me of ME so I can be filled with YOU.

Cause everything is a lesser thing, compared to You
Compared to You
Everything is a lesser thing, compared to You.

Everytime it comes on the car radio, I'm singing at the top of my lungs. (The boys don't even roll their eyes anymore, they just sit quietly through it.)

Time to go make lunch and then do my Daniel Bible study! More later!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Been so long!!!

Wow! It's been a month since I've last blogged! (Okay, Laurie, thanks for asking!)

HUMMUS... "Hhhhmmmmmmm-US" I just made some of this for the first time this week. It's very popular. I hear about it all the time. Healthy! Yummy! Trendy! "What in the world is TAHINI????" My local Meijer knows what it is... so I bought some. Five dollars a jar?! It'd better make my Hmmm-us delicious! Well, I've discovered that hummus is an acquired taste. And I'm still trying to acquire it. (My lunch today: Whole grain crackers, tuna, hummus and some huge radishes I got at the farmer's market downtown on Weds.) I'll let you know if I ever really acquire the taste for Hummus. "Hhhmmmmm?!"

Thank you God, for making garbanzo beans and tahini. And thanks for giving them cool names! (Both are fun to say!)

And while I'm talking about new things... Has anyone tried Bubble Tea? I went to a coffee house with a dear friend and we had Bubble Tea. Iced Cran-Raspbery black tea with "bubbles". The bubbles are actually huge tapioca balls that are soaked in a light sugar water - oh and they're colored all sorts of wonderful colors. Food coloring and sugar - probably not as healthy as HUMMUS. But the tea was fabulous. It's the bubbles I've decided I can do without. Very fun idea. Looks cool. Fun to say, "Bubble Tea, please!" The bubble sit in the bottom of the glass (probably displacing about 1/3 of the amount of iced tea you could have had without them) and you get a wide straw so you can "suck them up" as you drink your tea. About the size of a large pea. I don't know. Costs more for the Bubble tea. You get less actual tea because of the bubbles. And tapioca balls are definitely another acquired taste!

Thank you God, for creating interesting things like tapioca balls! And thank you for the wonderful fellowship of dear friends like Gail! Christian friendships are a blessing - with cokes, coffee or even bubble tea!

Now, here are a couple of "gems" I've gleaned from the Daniel Bible Study:

Daniel 1:8. (Go get your Bible and look it up! Be IN the Word!) I desire to live a life filled with RESOLVE; living more INTENTIONALLY as a Christ follower.

Daniel 5:1-9 (Still have your Bible open? Look it up!) A related Scripture is II Timothy 2:20, 21 (Yep! Turn to it!) We are holy vessels set apart for holy purposes. We are not the ones who can make ourselves holy, that's the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit. We are holy because GOD makes us holy. He has plans to use us for His holy purposes! Awesome!

And here's another thought from the Daniel study: (actually it's a quote)
"Daniel did not join the carnal or unbelieving masses in his response toward God. He refused to blend in. The magnetic draw of the Babylonian culture failed to overtake him. He never assimilated. Neither did he settle into the lowest common denominator of devotion practiced by his closest friends or kin. We get caught in that trap sometimes. We abide in our subgroups by unspoken codes dictating how far we'll go in our devotion to God. Anyone who goes overboard or takes it too seriously is considered eccentric, not extraordinary. For some, the flow of the world can be easier to resist than the flow of Christian mediocrity." (Beth Moore)

Remember that Sunday School song? "Dare to be a Daniel, dare to stand alone..."? I want to be more like Daniel.

Oh! and speaking of lions....
Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adYbFQFXG0U

Have a great day!