Friday, December 5, 2008

Snow is back!

I love the snow! So, as I look out my window, feeling like I'm inside a snow globe, I am happy! It's beautiful!

We've been in Jenison for almost two months now and the church did pass their annual budget which includes Chris's job, so he's got some job security for awhile. Let the ministry begin! We are enjoying being in a healthier church than before and are already growing to love these people! The boys are making some connections and so am I.

I need to find some employment and am open to anything... retail, elder care giver, housecleaning, temporary work. Praying that God will lead me to the right type of work.

I've been scrapbooking lately... with Dawn, Cheryl and Laurie... and I'm back in the scrapping 'zone'! Now I can't seem to stop. Except to home school, make Christmas cookies, and crocheting some Christmas gifts!

The boys have been shoveling the driveway as we have about 8-10 inches on the ground. Lucy loves it and we're going to try to fix her up with a longer tie-out so she can romp more freely in the snow. Sometimes Mocha, a neighbor dog, comes by and the two of them 'dance' around together... very cute.

Facebook is connecting me with all sorts of wonderful people: my brother, Rod... second cousins, Sara, Camille, Ben... nieces and nephews, Camilla, Seamus, Simone, David, Deanna, Kristina, Aquilla, Mamie, Libby... My dear High School friend, Jenny... and some former students from New Jersey. Such a fun way to re-connect with long-distance friends and family!

I'm still finding my way in getting settled in this house, becoming a part of a new church, and preparing for Christmas. I love my life-long friends in Muskegon... they have become like family to us all!

God is good and His hand is always upon us. I am grateful for His peace, joy, and grace which floods our lives on a daily basis!