Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hello???? Is anybody there????

I'm still here... well not here... not very often. I'm having a hard time getting 'online time'.
I'm not even working fulltime, but I really feel the change in working 20+ hours each week. I think it's the mental and emotional nature of my job that is exhausting... especially working with dementia patients. Providing personal care for people is extrememly rewarding to me.. I LOVE my job. The weariness comes from the growing care and concern I have for my clients as I spend time week after week with them, getting to know them. It's a "good" weariness... but I'm tired, nonetheless. It's a very relational job.
At home, I'm struggling with some teenager 'stuff' (attitude) and it's blowing my mind!?! "Who are you and what have you done with my son?!" I am frustrated with the sarcastic, impatient, eye-rolling responses to simple questions. The other day, I received such a response to my question and I'm tired of the "you need to respond with respect" talk. So I had him pull up a chair while I continued to do the dishes and had him read Matthew 5-7 aloud to me. (Praying throughout, that the Word would not return void, but would accomplish it's purpose.) I continue to pray for wisdom and insight into my son. He's an amazing young man and I know God can do great things in him!
The Maundy Thursday service at our church was awesome. There was a time for foot-washing, and I really wanted to go to my boys and wash their feet. But I wasn't sitting with them and I was afraid that they'd be more embarassed than appreciative. Chris was at the piano the whole time. We've done the footwashing at home on past years and it's a moving experience for us.
Easter was a great celebration with our church family, followed by dinner with our MI 'extended' family!

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